Edible history with a sense of humor.

Who is this funny girl?
And why is she making bread?

That'd be me. Stefanie with an F. A born and bre(a)d New Yorker. Carole King lover. Clog collector. 90s stan. And nut butter connoisseur.

Since you've found yourself here, you'll probably want to know about how I fell in love.

With microbes.

Born into a family of musicians and creatives, my childhood home was always bustling with sound and stories. Born into a family of Jews, my home was overflowing with kvetching, kvelling, and (kv)eating. Above all, music and food were (and are) our currencies of love.

Where did this lead me? To therapy, of course. And to the stage (for better or worse).

A few years ago I was 10 years into a career as a performer. And I was hungry. Hungry to try something new. But also, just hungry. In my career as an artist I'd learned—like many women—to squelch my appetite.

So, I did what anyone would do: I got a dramatic haircut. And then I leaned all the way into my new, big, unbridled hunger (and my old love affair with food and academia). I earned a master's in food studies from NYU. Discovered the true magnanimity of bread and microbes. Wrote a children's picture book on human connection and the science of breadmaking. Started baking a hell of a lot of challah and suddenly found myself thinking I'd like to make a loaf or 2 for you.

Enter stage left:
Funny Girl Bread.

This bite-size bakery makes outsized loaves for your next celebration. Your dad's 3rd wedding. Your eccentric cousin's bat mitzvah. Your Bubbe’s 101st birthday. Name your simcha, I’ve got you covered.

Bite it.
Tear it.
Share it.

At its core, each loaf is also a celebration all on its own. A celebration of community, and the ritual of sharing a loaf with family, friends, and neighbors. A celebration of strength, perseverance, and ancestry. A celebration of appetite, and the belief that women can laugh and take up space over big slabs of bread. A celebration of all the bold and brassy women who made challah before me—and all the ones who will carry on after I'm gone. 

We’re edible history with a sense of humor.

To inquire about a bespoke bread or to talk microbes, reach out: stefanie@funnygirlbread.com 

In overalls,